Veterans and service members

Advisees are veterans, transitioning service members, military spouses, or Gold Star family members looking to enhance their professional network, grow professionally, and expand their career opportunities.

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Advisors and mentors

Advisors are individuals, veterans and non-veterans alike, from all industries and levels of achievement, who want to assist advisees by providing guidance about professional growth, career development and job opportunities, and or general professional support.

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What you need to know

Who we are – What we do

Heroes Linked is a free and  user-friendly opportunity for
veterans transitioning service members, and military spouses
to connect with private sector professionals they otherwise could not.

Heroes Linked is a network of industry diverse and geographically dispersed
individuals volunteering their time and career knowledge
to inform and better prepare veterans for
successful and fulfilling post-military careers.


Heroes Linked is a web app available on all browsers, on all devices.

Users can communicate through the Heroes Linked online network
and via secure VOIP phone calls.

Privacy and Security

Your personal contact information is hidden from the network and will never be revealed.
All correspondence occurs within the Heroes Linked web app.

Personal or financial matters are never discussed.

Professional etiquette

Feedback, and Professional Guidance ensure that each connection is bolstered by clear expectations and outstanding professional etiquette.

Reputation is key

Every action you make on Heroes Linked has the potential to help (or hurt) your reputation. Courtesy, Respect, and Follow-through will ensure your success on Heroes Linked and in your career.

Find the connections,
be impactful,
success begins today!

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