Your contribution to Heroes linked instantly helps our networks of veterans, transitioning service members, military spouses become informed, connected and prepared for their next steps in a successful post-military career.

Our continued growth and achievements are because of you.

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Corporate social responsibility

Connecting where it matters most. Heroes Linked’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) program is the ideal way for companies and organizations to give back and pay it forward to Heroes Linked’s veterans, service members and their families. All supporting companies and organizations are eligible to participate.

Heroes Linked, by design, can report a wide range of metrics and demographics. Reports provide data illustrating your company’s direct impact in the lives and careers of veterans and their families. Numbers of people mentored, number of sessions and hours invested, as well as the mentee’s geographic region, and military service are among the fields available to participating companies.

Our CSR program compliments your corporate support by maximizing ROI through employee engagement. Heroes Linked volunteers make the program their own, embracing the ability to make meaningful and impactful change in other people’s lives. And don’t forget, participating employees are direct conduits to potential job candidates, often soft vetting and fast tracking talented individuals into open jobs.

Heroes Linked’s program incentivizes employee engagement through a pledge system. Like a volunteer grant system, Heroes Linked receives monetary support based on the number of hours a company’s employees interact with veterans using Heroes Linked. Volunteers pledge their time assisting veterans in 4-hour increments.

Pledge levels are as follows.

# OF EMPLOYEES 1 to 24 25 to 49 50 to 99 100 +
$ PER 4 HOURS $25.00 $20.00 $15.00 $10.00

For more information and to begin your Heroes Linked CSR, contact us by

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As Corporate Participants, you not only support our program, but also the veterans, service members, and spouses who use Heroes Linked every day to further their pursuit of happiness and success. Furthermore, it is a signal to your employees that you value their experience and expertise.

In turn, Heroes Linked wants to tell everyone about our corporate participants and we do so by providing numerous opportunities for messaging and visibility through our network communications, website, social media, and events. It is always our goal to create mutually beneficial relationships with our supporters. After all, That is what Heroes Linked is all about.




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