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The BEST Way to Introduce Yourself on Heroes Linked — Or in Any Other Setting!

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It may be cliché, but it’s true: first impressions are lasting, and you rarely get a chance to make a second one. So how you introduce yourself to others is incredibly important. We are often unaware of how we come across to other people. We think we’re projecting self-confidence, but we come off as smug […]

The DOs and DON’Ts of Making Connections on Heroes Linked

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Heroes Linked is a friendly place, but that doesn’t mean you can’t unwittingly make a mistake that keeps you from taking full advantage of what it has to offer. You never want to waste your advisor’s time—or unwittingly damage your credibility. So here are some things to consider as you explore new networking relationships: DO […]

Six Sure-Fire Tips for Creating a Really KNOCKOUT Profile!

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Your Heroes Linked profile is the one thing every advisor looks at before contacting you—or before replying to your introduction. A profile tells a potential advisor who you are, fills in your background for them, and gives them a taste of where you want to go in life. But a boring or empty profile is […]

Veterans in the Higher Ed Workforce: Insights From Veterans and Hiring Managers

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This blog was originally published on the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources website and is republished here with permission. Veterans in the Higher Ed Workforce: Insights From Veterans and Hiring Managers by CUPA-HR | November 8, 2018 This blog post was contributed by Drexel King, manager of learning and development at Baylor […]

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