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4 Ways a Military Transition Program Can Help

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Does your MOS not match your career ambitions? You’re not to worry! We’ve identified four tips for how our military transition program can help.

How to Translate Your Military MOS to Civilian Skills

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Don’t let the military transition to civilian life overwhelm you. Here are three ways to make the military transition to civilian life.

Do you have a Home Run Pitch?

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Whether you’re shy by nature or a real extrovert, when making a new introduction on Heroes Linked, you need to develop a terrific pitch. It needs to be short, pithy—and powerful. In a job interview, the most dreaded words are often, “Can you tell me a little about yourself?” In a networking environment, you often […]

Building a Conversation Part 1

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Not sure what to say after your initial message? Michelle Winkley, a Heroes Linked Advisory Committee member and Chief HR Strategist with Talent Distinctions, has assembled this guide to help further your introduction and start a meaningful conversation on Heroes Linked.

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