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How to Translate Your Military MOS to Civilian Skills

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When you leave the military and return to civilian living, it means changing just about every aspect of your life. And unless you’re retiring entirely, it also means finding a new career path to follow – a career that capitalizes on the skills, training, and expertise you’ve already developed. The trick, of course, is finding […]

Do you have a Home Run Pitch?

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Whether you’re shy by nature or a real extrovert, when making a new introduction on Heroes Linked, you need to develop a terrific pitch. It needs to be short, pithy—and powerful. In a job interview, the most dreaded words are often, “Can you tell me a little about yourself?” In a networking environment, you often […]

Building a Conversation Part 1

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Not sure what to say after your initial message? Michelle Winkley, a Heroes Linked Advisory Committee member and Chief HR Strategist with Talent Distinctions, has assembled this guide to help further your introduction and start a meaningful conversation on Heroes Linked.

The BEST Way to Introduce Yourself on Heroes Linked — Or in Any Other Setting!

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It may be cliché, but it’s true: first impressions are lasting, and you rarely get a chance to make a second one. So how you introduce yourself to others is incredibly important. We are often unaware of how we come across to other people. We think we’re projecting self-confidence, but we come off as smug […]