How This Veterans Network Can Help You Get in Touch with An Advisor Making $200K

How This Veterans Network Can Help You Get in Touch with An Advisor Making $200K

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With thousands of active nonprofit Veteran Service Organizations, veterans have no shortage of options to choose from when they’re in need of assistance making the transition from active service to civilian life.

From the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) to national organizations, to local groups, there are thousands of volunteers, professionals and trained staff dedicated to easing that difficult shift from service to the civilian world.

Many of these groups consist largely of veterans themselves. Who is better equipped to speak to a service member transitioning into civilian life than a former service member who is going through or has gone through that very same experience?

While that relational experience certainly has value, there’s something also to be said about learning from someone that may have never served in any military capacity.

Multiple studies have shown that finding a job is one of the most challenging parts of transitioning to civilian life. Other veterans who have been through the process have valuable perspective and advice to offer, but there’s something equally valuable that can be learned from the right advisor – even if they’ve never served. Advisors are as diverse as those who served, and some of these advisors are voluntarily taking time from their $200K annual salaries to speak with a transitioning veteran or military spouse.

Here’s a professional who has already been through rigorous interview processes, and now may be leading those interviews with potential candidates. A professional who understands some of the unwritten rules about businesses and workplaces. A professional who has contacts, connections, a network. They may not have served before, but they’re ready to be a bridge to your future.

And the even better news – A veteran’s network where this kind of mentor is waiting to speak to you already exists. An advisor who has made it their mission to give you the best opportunity possible to succeed in whatever you choose to do after leaving military service.

That’s where this veteran’s network comes into play. Heroes Linked not only provides access to advisors, but the flexibility of meeting with those advisors online through a secure platform.

Heroes Linked isn’t like traditional military job fairs or a brick-and-mortar career advising center. It’s a web app available on all browsers and on all devices. It provides you with direct one-on-one conversations so you receive powerful guidance on how to achieve the career you’re pursuing, whether it’s working for a Fortune 500 company or becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own business.

Whether you are looking for one-time feedback or ongoing advice, Heroes Linked is a platform that allows you to create the connections and relationships you need to succeed as a veteran or military spouse in the civilian workforce.

If you’re still unsure about whether an advisor is right for you, consider the results of a recent CNBC survey, which found that 91% of workers said having a mentor made them significantly happier in their jobs. And that’s 91% of all workers, not just veterans.

The power of advice and mentorship is real, and Heroes Linked offers a network where you can leverage key advice and insight into successful action.

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