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They’ve never stepped foot in a corporate office before… this veterans network can change that

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Estimates reveal that approximately 200,000 men and women leave the military each year. Transitioning to civilian life can be challenging for these veterans. For those who chose to serve in advance of a civilian career, the military has trained them, told them where to be, and certainly, what to wear. For this reason, many have […]

5 Reasons You Should Join an Online Veteran Network

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Networking, while not a new concept, has become a significant component of modern life. Commonly associated with career advancement, the evolution of online social platforms has extended networking far beyond just opportunities to further one’s career.

Break the Language Barrier Between Recruiters and Veterans

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Just a few years ago, only 20 percent of companies surveyed had developed a formal program for recruiting veterans. And in spite of an ever-tightening labor market, unemployment rates for veterans continue to trend higher than civilian and overall unemployment rates. This could be because of a “language barrier” that exists between veterans and recruiters.

When Your MOS Doesn’t Match Your Career Ambitions

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Even though transitioning to a civilian career might be challenging, if the job you’re interested in is similar to the role you had in the military, your future path could be pretty straightforward. But what if you don’t want to do the same type of job you did in the service? Or what if your […]