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These 5 Veterans Exemplify Military Transition Success

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There are approximately 200,000 service members who separate or retire from the military each year. So, it’s no secret that transitioning to civilian life can be difficult. Here are 5 veterans that exemplify military transition success.

How This Veterans Network Can Help You Get in Touch with An Advisor Making $200K

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Are you looking for one-time feedback or ongoing advice? This veteran network allows you to make the connections you need to succeed.

Why Connect With a Veteran Network Group for Professional Development Advice?

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There are a number of challenges veterans face when transitioning to civilian life from life in the military, and one of the most common is finding a job. It’s important to find a veteran network group that offers comprehensive, ongoing professional development advice. Here are two ways one can help your civilian career.

One Way to Help a Veteran in Their Life After the Military

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Life after the military can be difficult, but with your support you can help ease that burden. Here is one way to thank veterans for their service.

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