A Call For Heroes Linked Advisors

A Call For Heroes Linked Advisors

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Heroes Linked’s

volunteer advisor network is growing, and we are looking for you!

Our advisors are just like you, Americans in the workforce, willing to share their experiences and knowledge of their many industries, companies, and positions. Being and advisor, is not a matter of training or preparation, rather, it is simply giving small amounts of time to help someone develop the understanding and preparation to find a fulfilling post-career. Advisors and advisees connect via our web-enabled platform and secure VOIP phone calls. Advisors are welcome from all industries and at every level of professional achievement. If you have held a job, you have something to share.
As our population of veteran advisees increases, we are seeing a need for advisors in different industries and specialties. Below is a list of professions that our veterans would like to learn more about. Now is your chance! Join Heroes Linked as an advisor today!

  • Automotive
    • Diesel Mechanic
    • Automotive Sales Manager
    • Heavy Equipment Mechanic
    • Automotive Parts Manager
    • Auto Mechanic
  • Construction
    • Heavy Equipment Operators
  • Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineers
    • Chemical Engineers
    • Civil Engineers
  • Event and Design
    • Graphic Designer
    • Event Coordinator
  • Food and Beverage
    • Restaurant Managers
    • Executive Chefs
  • Government Contracting
    • Program Managers
  • Healthcare
    • Nurses
    • Medical Assistants/Technicians
    • Pharmacists
  • Law Enforcement
    • Local Law Enforcement
    • Private Security
  • Retail
    • Store Owners
    • Store Managers
    • District Managers
  • Technology
    • Data Analysts
    • Software Engineers
    • Web Developers
  • Transportation
    • Truck Drivers
    • Delivery Drivers

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