Your civilian experience is exactly what they need

Heroes Linked connects veterans, transitioning service members, and their spouses with career building civilian advisors. Your skills and experience in the civilian job market are the most valuable source of guidance. You need not have any military experience. In fact, the knowledge you gained from your private sector career is exactly what is needed. From help navigating a particular industry to resume critique to feedback on career aspirations, your advice will help American Veterans achieve their dreams and adapt to the way of life they served to protect.

Serve Those Who Served Our Country

New Veterans every year
Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans out of work

Number of people it takes to make a difference

Connect your company with heroes linked

Companies may offer Heroes Linked as a corporate social responsibility program to their employees. Participation in Heroes Linked shows the company’s commitment of veterans, and serves as a conduit to qualified applicants.

Making a difference on a personal level

Pledge 5, 10, or 20 hours a year to helping Veterans or just help out when you can. Any contribution and advice you give will make a tangible difference in another person’s life. We believe that human connection has the greatest ability to influence and inspire us. Heroes Linked gives you the tools to make that impact one-on-one.

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Easy to manage

Setting up and managing your Heroes Linked profile is a piece of cake. Just fill out the profile fields to let potential Mentees know what kind of information you would like them to provide in their initial contact request. Then sit back and we’ll send you an email or a text message once a Mentee has sent you a message. At any point in time, you can continue or respectfully end a conversation.


Calls can be conducted from anywhere… literally

In the car. On the beach. At your desk. With Heroes Linked, you can connect with your Mentees and make a difference on your own time. Whenever. Wherever.


Privacy protection and anti-abuse / spam measures

Your time is the most valuable asset. Heroes Linked ensures that your personal contact information is kept private at all times. All phone calls and messages are funneled directly through the site, giving you the tools to maintain productive conversations and report abusive ones.

Leave feedback… on anything

Mentees are looking for constructive criticism to ensure that they are ready for their professional civilian life. As a Mentor, we give you easy-to-access tools to evaluate every interaction with a Mentee or potential Mentee. Your feedback will help improve their professional etiquette and succeed in their career ambitions.