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Veterans and advisors fill out profiles that identify their expertise, areas of interest, experience, goals, and desired mentorship outcomes.

The Heroes Linked web app uses a robust matching algorithm to recommend individuals of interest and initiate effective conversations.

Phone conversations from any device

Heroes Linked is a web app available on all browsers, on all devices. Heroes Linked uses secure VOIP technology, from the boardroom to the beach, you will never miss a call.

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Every action you make has the potential to help (or hurt) your reputation. Courtesy, Respect, and Follow-through will ensure your success on Heroes Linked and in your career.

Two-way connection

Advisors or advisees can initiate a conversation by sending a in-platform message to an individual. once the message is received and accepted, the advisee can offer various times and dates for a phone call. Advisors approve the call time and the call is scheduled in Heroes Linked. Emails are sent to both parties confirming the appointment and offering to sync to the individual’s personal calendar.



Professional guidance feedback

Advisees are given guidance for every single action that they perform. From filling out profile information to making initial contact to writing respectful follow ups and thank-you messages, the Heroes Linked website prompts Avisees to follow exemplary professional etiquette and gives them guidance on the most effective forms of content. Over times, these actions will become second nature and carry over into the Advisee’s professional life, giving them communication tools to succeed.

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